Mem Famous Movie Review: Sumanth Prabhas Shines in a Youthful Family Entertainer

Mem Famous (2023) Movie

Mem Famous 2023 Movie Review

Mem Famous Movie Review Rating: 2.5 Stars

Star Cast: Sumanth Prabhas, Saarya Laxman, Mani Aegurla, Maurya Chaudhary, Sarya, Siri Rasi, Anji Mama, Muralidhar Goud, and Ensemble.

Director: Sumanth Prabhas

Producer: Anurag Reddy

What’s Good: Sumanth Prabhas delivers a commendable performance, and the film shines in certain youthful scenes, especially in terms of comedy and dialogues, which are enjoyable on the big screen.

What’s Bad: The second half of “Mem Famous” suffers from significant pacing issues, lacking novelty in the script. The love tracks are underdeveloped and feel incomplete. Additionally, the sync sound fails to create a seamless viewing experience.

Loo Break: The placement of songs is not well-executed.

Watch or Not?: You can wait for its OTT release and maybe watch some of it to decide if you can bear the entire film.

Language: Telugu

Available On: In Theatres Near You.

Runtime: 90 minutes.

User Rating: ★★★☆☆


In the rural village of Bandanarsampally, located in Telangana, three aimless youths named Mai (Sumanth Prabhas), Bali (Mourya), and Durga (Mani Aegurla) find themselves facing numerous challenges in their lives. Their lack of purpose puts their relationships, particularly the love between Mai and Bali, at risk. Faced with mounting pressure to prove themselves, the trio decides to venture into the business world and establish the Famous Tent-house, despite accumulating debts.

Unfortunately, an unexpected tragedy strikes their tent business, causing substantial losses. Determined to overcome this setback, the trio must think on their feet and come up with a new business idea that will not only make them Famous but also solve the problems plaguing their village. The pursuit of this idea becomes the central focus of the story, showcasing their resilience, ingenuity, and the transformative power of their entrepreneurial spirit in uplifting the community.

Mem Famous Movie Review: Sumanth Prabhas Shines in a Youthful Entertainer

Mem Famous Movie Review: Script Analysis

Mem Famous offers a refreshing take on the familiar plot of underdogs achieving fame and success. While the overall concept may not be entirely new, the execution and portrayal of the story make it stand out. The script successfully weaves together the lives of the three main characters, Mai, Bali, and Durga, establishing their friendship and interconnectedness in a compelling manner.

The first half of the film focuses on introducing the audience to the lives and struggles of the protagonists, effectively building their backgrounds and establishing their bond. The interval sequence serves as a turning point, injecting a new dimension into their lives and setting the stage for the second half.

In the second half, the script delves into the journey of Mai, Durga, Lipstick Spoiler, and Anji Mama as they embark on a new business venture. While the story may have predictable elements, the film compensates for it with its entertainment value and emotional depth. The blend of humor and emotion keeps the audience engaged throughout.

The dialogues play a crucial role in enhancing the comedic aspects of the film. With authentic Telangana slang, they add an element of realism and authenticity to the characters and their interactions. The script strikes a balance between fun and sentiment, providing a good dose of both.

Despite a simple climax and some predictable elements, the overall entertainment factor of “Mem Famous” shines through. The script captures the essence of buddy and coming-of-age films, striking the right chords with its relatable characters and engaging storytelling.

Overall, the script analysis of “Mem Famous” highlights its strengths in terms of character development, humor, and emotional depth. While it may not break new ground in terms of the story, its execution and entertainment value make it a worthwhile watch for audiences seeking an enjoyable and engaging cinematic experience.

Mem Famous Movie Review: Star Performance

Mem Famous showcases notable star performances, particularly by Sumanth Prabhas, who possesses an impressive screen presence. As a debutant, he exudes confidence and carries the tough-guy persona with flair. His dialogue delivery is praiseworthy, and his potential shines through, hinting at a promising future if offered compelling scripts and roles.

Mani Aegurla and Mourya Chowdary provide competent support as the hero’s best friends. While their performances are passable, Saarya, playing the hero’s girlfriend, has a limited role that lacks impact, except for a scene towards the climax where she displays her emotional prowess to perfection.

Kiran Macha leaves a strong impression with his portrayal of the village Sarpanch, bringing depth to a well-written character. Shiva Nandhan adds a touch of hilarity as Lipstick Spoiler, while Anji entertains as the enjoyable Mama in the village. The supporting cast, including Siri Raasi, Narendra Ravi, and Muralidhar Goud, deliver adequate performances in their respective roles.

Overall, Mem Famous features star performances that hold the film together, with Sumanth Prabhas leading the way and leaving a lasting impact.

Mem Famous Movie Review: Direction

Sumanth Prabhas, in his debut as a director, takes on a relatable subject that resonates with the youth. The opening block sets the tone effectively, combining natural moments with cinematic enjoyment. The director skillfully establishes the characters without making it tedious, infusing the narrative with sharp writing and impactful performances.

While the story kicks in midway through the first half, it lacks novelty and feels predictable. However, the director manages to overcome this issue by infusing modern-day jargon and a village milieu, injecting freshness into the film. The interval block could have been stronger, as it fails to sustain interest in the second half, where the already predictable tale loses momentum.

Despite a shaky start in the second half, the film picks up once again with the introduction of humorous moments that resonate with the youth. The supporting cast is utilized excellently, contributing to an entertaining narrative. Although there are some bumps along the way, the overall flow of the film remains intact, albeit with a sense of bloatedness and a prolonged journey towards the climax.

Unfortunately, the climax fails to deliver, lacking both humor and emotional impact, leaving viewers disappointed. However, “Mem Famous” excels in its writing, casting, and youthful vibe. It may have a predictable story and pacing issues, but its genuine appeal and the efforts of the young team make it worth a watch.

Overall, Sumanth Prabhas showcases promise as a director, delivering a film that captures the essence of the youth. Despite its flaws, “Mem Famous” offers a unique vibe and an authentic experience that make it an interesting choice for audiences.

Mem Famous Movie Review: Music, Cinematography

Kalyan Nayak’s music in “Mem Famous” complements the setting and the overall storyline, although the songs may not have a lasting impact on their own. The background score effectively enhances the emotional moments in the film. Shyam Dupati’s cinematography captures the essence of the village setting with clean visuals, striking a balance between not being overly rustic yet still appealing. However, Srijana Adusumilli’s editing could have been tighter to streamline the narrative and eliminate unnecessary bloat. Despite this, the film’s superb writing and well-executed casting contribute significantly to its overall success.

Mem Famous Movie Review: The Last Word

In Last Word, Mem Famous does not live up to the expectations. On the whole, “Mem Famous” doesn’t live up to the expectations and looks like a half-baked film. It has some good comedy scenes and dialogues but lacks depth and sparkle. The technical and creative aspects of the film give it a more short film-like quality. It is primarily aimed at the youth of Telangana and may not appeal to a wide audience. You can watch it if you’re bored, but it’s safe to skip if you’re looking for a more complete movie experience.

Two and a half stars!

Mem Famous Trailer

Mem Famous releases on 26 May 2023.

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