About Us

We believe that there are two religions in India other than true faith, one is cricket, and the other is cinema. Indians are obsessed with films and all news about movies. That’s why we started this website.

Indian Paper Ink is Uttar Pradesh, India based news and entertainment website which provides you complete information about each and everything including Movie News, Celebrity Gossip, Box Office News, Movie Reviews and Box Office Collection. Also which movie is coming, which movie will release, what is its starcast and what is its OTT release date, where to watch.

You have come to know that the information which is given to you inside the Indian Paper Ink website is given somewhere officially and some information is given approximately, such as the budget of the movie, sometimes it is given in a special way.

If it has not been released and has not been officially included in it, then it is made available here almost through its estimation, although if seen here, from the poster of the film to the star cast and many other information from the official Twitter are found.

Thank you for choosing Indian Paper Ink as your go-to source for news and information. We hope you enjoy reading our site as much as we enjoy creating it.

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