Rudhran Movie Review: A Formulaic Action Entertainer with Predictable Plotlines

Rudhran Movie Review Rating: 3 Stars

Star Cast: Raghava Lawrence, R. Sarathkumar, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Poornima Bhagyaraj.

Director: S. Kathiresan

What’s Good: The backstory and rise of the gangster Boomi is engaging, and the romantic sequences are well-executed.

What’s Bad: Lack of originality, poor execution, and unimpressive performances by the lead actors. It has been criticized as a formulaic, predictable film with forced emotions and over-the-top elements.

Loo Break: Please make up your mind if you want to really invest 2 hours of your life in this first.

Watch or Not?: My heart breaks to say a movie made at this scale is better given a chance on the digital front.

Language: Tamil

Available On: Theatres Near You!

Runtime: 155 Minutes.

Rudhran Movie Review: Script Analysis

Rudhran, directed and produced by S Kathiresan, is an action entertainer that follows a formulaic plot. The script, written by KP Thirumaaran, does not offer anything new to the genre, as it follows the trope of a man seeking revenge for his loved ones’ deaths, which has been the premise of many commercial masala films we witnessed decades ago.

The film’s opening scene introduces us to Rudhran, a man on a mission to pursue one of notorious gangster Boomi’s henchmen. As the film progresses, we’re taken back in time to see Rudhran as an IT professional who leads a happy life with his father and mother. However, Rudhran’s father’s sudden death and mounting debts force him to take a job abroad, leaving behind his girlfriend Ananya, who later becomes his wife. Little does he know that Boomi, a criminal who targets families of men who’ve settled abroad for money, will make his life miserable.

The plot is predictable, and most sequences are formulaic, with most emotions feeling forced. However, Boomi’s backstory and rise as a gangster are quite engaging and provide a much-needed break from the clichés of the genre. The film tries to incorporate elements of romance, revenge, comedy, and emotion, but they don’t always work cohesively.

The action sequences between Boomi and Rudhran are lengthy and over-the-top, with bodies flying everywhere, and people get killed in bulk, making them a bit hard to follow. The staging is decent, but the jarring background score and over-the-top punch dialogues put us in a grim situation. The romantic sequences are well-executed, but a couple of songs in the second half could have been avoided.

The performances of Raghava Lawrence, Sarath Kumar, and Priya Bhavani Shankar are decent, but the film’s runtime is too long, which makes it drag on. The director hints at a sequel in the end, but it doesn’t seem to be a wise decision, given the lackluster response to the first film.

Rudhran Movie Review: Star Performance

Rudhran features some decent performances from its lead actors. Raghava Lawrence, who plays the titular character, delivers a decent performance, although at times, he seems to be trying too hard to be childish and romantic. His portrayal of the vengeful protagonist is convincing, and he pulls off the action sequences with ease.

Priya Bhavani Shankar plays Ananya, Rudhran’s love interest, and does justice to her role, despite having a limited scope. She is the typical ‘homely girl’ character and complements Rudhran’s character well.

Sarath Kumar, who plays the dreaded gangster Boomi, delivers a standout performance. His character’s backstory and rise as a gangster are engaging and give the film some much-needed depth. His portrayal of a ruthless and cold-blooded criminal is convincing, and he steals the show whenever he appears on screen.

While the star performances in Rudhran are decent, they are not enough to save the film from its formulaic plotline and predictable sequences.

Rudhran Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director Ravee Paargavan has done a commendable job with the film. He has managed to keep the pace of the movie engaging from start to finish. The way he has executed the plot and its twists and turns is impressive. He has succeeded in keeping the audience guessing until the very end. Ravee has also done a great job of showcasing the characters and their emotions, which helps to draw the audience into the story.

The music in Rudhran is another strong point. Composer Santhosh Narayanan has once again delivered an excellent soundtrack, which perfectly complements the movie. The songs are well placed and help to enhance the narrative of the film. The background score is also exceptional and helps to elevate the mood of the scenes.

Overall, the direction and music of Rudhran are top-notch, and they contribute significantly to the movie’s success. Ravee Paargavan and Santhosh Narayanan have created a film that is not only entertaining but also a cinematic masterpiece.

Rudhran Movie Review: The Last Word

In the last word, the Rudhran movie has been heavily criticized by critics for its lack of originality, poorly executed elements, and mediocre performances by the lead actors. It has been deemed as a bad copy of many commercial films and received negative feedback overall.

Rudhran Trailer

Rudhran releases on 14 April, 2023.

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