Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Update: Maya gets nervous seeing Anuj with Anupama

Here we are going to share a written update of the most famous show Anupama. This show is running with the great TRP on television. All the characters are superb in the show and they are doing great on the show. This show is Anupama on 21st May 2023. It has a good fan following among people. At the present time, Maya gets nervous seeing Anuj with Anupama. We will share the next update of the most famous show. We will try to cover all the details of the show.

Anupama 21st May 2023 Written Update: Maya gets nervous seeing Anuj with Anupama

Anupama Written Update: 21st May 2023

Maya gets scared seeing Anuj with Anupama. Anuj asks her if she is fine. Maya asks why was he talking to Anupama, will he leave her and return to Anupama. Anuj asks her to relax and take deep breaths. Shah asks what happened to her. Anuj says she is fine. Maya says let us go to her house as she is feeling uncomfortable here.

Younger Anu says that Chacha/Kaka also asked her to come home. Vanraj tells Anuj that he should go home and asks Anupama to stay there. Anupama says she will go to her home. Barkha sends a message to Vanraj after Anuj reveals the truth to Anupama. Vanraj says he does not think so, let it be as it is. Anuj leaves for the Kapadia mansion with Kapadia. Jiye toh jiye kaise bin aapke.. The song plays in the background.

Anuj reaches the Kapadia mansion. Little Anu feels excited thinking of playing with Pakhi the whole day. Barkha says she cannot go as Pakhi left her brother’s wedding to attend her friend’s wedding. Anuj imagines Anupama and feels happy. Anupama says he was not talking to her when she was in front of him, but he was imagining her when she was not around; This means that only she lives in his heart. She asks him to see this house which is like their heart and it is its heartbeat, every corner and every object will remind him of her. Anuj says she is right.

Anupama says he is doing more wrong than before. Anuj says sorry. Anupama says her sorry is not enough. Little Anu calls Anuj and throws him out of the room. Barkha asks Maya if she will shift her bag to Anuj’s room or guest room as she doesn’t know about their relationship status yet, if Maya wants to stay in the guest room then she should shift Anupama’s shift to the guest room. Should be shifted to the room. Have to shift from the room.

Anuj says Maya will stay in her previous guest room and asks Barkha to prepare the guest room. Ankush tells Anuj that now he will not let Anuj go even after his insistence. Anuj hugs her emotionally. Ankush says that he should go to the office after Dimpy’s marriage. Anuj says he will come and check the accounts as he wants to be back in the loop. Ankush says he was saying the same. Hearing this, Bakha and others get tensed. Anupama gets disheartened thinking how Anuj could take Maya to his house and remembers that Anuj was trying to tell her something and then stopped seeing Maya. Anuj remembers Anupama’s words and apologizes to her.

Next day, Leela gathers the family and says that she has prepared something for them and shows the pain oil. They all say that they don’t need it because they are not as old as him. Leela says she will feel pain after today’s sangeet ceremony. Anupama says they will rock the sangeet ceremony tonight with their performance.

Leela says Maya must be jealous of their performance. Kavya walks inside. Anupama tells him that they should have a grand performance tonight. Kavya says she cannot dance tonight. Samar says he will see them dancing once. Kinjal urges Kavya to stay till Samar’s marriage gets over. Samar and others also insist. Vanraj says don’t let him force her, she will visit him often. Anupama thinks she doesn’t know what will happen in the sangeet ceremony tonight.

Precap: Anupama meets Anuj in a market and asks what he wanted to say. He describes what happened after he left Mumbai to meet her. They both hug.

— Episode Ends —

Let’s see what will happen next in the Episode. You can watch the entire episode on Star Plus or Hotstar.

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