Salman Khan Once Allegedly Abused A Bigg Boss Contestant, “Agar Meri Behen Hoti To Main Aap Ki Maa Ch*d Deta”

Salman Khan lost his temper on National Television and allegedly used offensive language towards a Bigg Boss contestant. Netizens lashed out. Read On!

Salman Khan Once Allegedly Abused A Bigg Boss Contestant, “Agar Meri Behen Hoti To Main Aap Ki Maa Ch*d Deta”
Salman Khan Once Allegedly Abused A Bigg Boss Contestant, “Agar Meri Behen Hoti To Main Aap Ki Maa Ch*d Deta”

Salman Khan is a powerful man in the entertainment industry. He can do and say whatever he wants. Although he imparts a lot of wisdom on his reality show, Bigg Boss, there are times when he struggles to practice the advice he gives. There was a time when Bhaijaan lost his cool with contestant Pratik Sehajpal on Bigg Boss and tried to explain things using harsh words.

Usually, we see the Tiger actor advising contestants to stay calm and maintain control over their tone and words even when they get agitated. He sometimes suggests breathing exercises to them, while at other times, he ensures the proper use of their quotes. One of his famous sayings is, “Do what you want to do man, but don’t trouble your mata pita and bharat mata.”

However, there’s another lesson that Salman Khan has given to his Bigg Boss contestants, and that is “Meri Maa, Teri Maa” (My Mother, Your Mother). This is to prevent them from using abusive language towards each other’s mothers and sisters. But during one episode, he forgot his famous “Meri Maa, Teri Maa” argument and mistakenly accused contestant Pratik Sehajpal of entering the washroom, while it was actually being used by a female contestant.

Salman Khan faced criticism

Salman Khan faced criticism when he allegedly made a derogatory comment to contestant Pratik Sehajpal, saying, “Agar meri behen hoti to main aapki maa ch*d deta!” Viewers were upset to see such offensive language being used by the actor on national television. One user wrote, “His comments are highly disrespectful. Salman has a pattern of behaving this way in every season. It’s completely unnecessary.” Another comment read, “We stand with Pratik. Don’t put anyone down. The one who gives opportunities is the one at the top, and we are with him.” A third user expressed, “Salmaan maa ki gali aap nhi de skte!”

One user addressed the Bigg Boss host in the comments section and wrote, “Let Pratik say whatever he wants to say, but you cannot go after his family and mother-sister. You said that if someone does this to my sister, I will do that to yours, Mr. Salman Khan, we all know about Arjun and your sister. You haven’t done anything to her, and she is also with your brother’s wife. Please don’t do this with Pratik!”

Another comment reads, “Salman should not have abused Pratik. First, Jay abused him, and then Salman Khan himself used foul language against Pratik. He, being such a big superstar, should not speak like this on national television, as it reflects poorly on him. Shame on him for disrespecting someone’s mother. I am sorry, guys, but he is completely wrong.”

Another user couldn’t believe it and confirmed, “Did bhai say at the end: If I had a sister, I would f*** your mother?”

Even when the episode aired the internet was flooded with reactions.

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