Bigg Boss OTT 2 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Takes Elvish Yadav’s Class, Calls His Mother & Elvish crying badly

In the Sixth Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss OTT 2, Salman Khan scolds Elvish Yadav badly, calls his mother, and cries badly. Here’s what happened!

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Takes Elvish Yadav's Class, Calls His Mother & Elvish crying badly
Bigg Boss OTT 2 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Takes Elvish Yadav’s Class, Calls His Mother & Elvish crying badly

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 has been grabbing headlines since its grand premiere. The show has been keeping the audiences hooked with its interesting format, controversies, unique tasks, wild card entries, and lots of drama. In the Sixth Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan took Elvish Yadav’s class for his behavior in the house. Salman was upset with Elvish for using bad language for Babika Dhurve. Did Elvish Yadav apologize to Bebika? Read below to find the details.

How did Salman Khan take class?

Salman Khan said that even though the show is digital, it shouldn’t use bad language or show inappropriate things. Some things that happened on the show were not right and should not happen again. We should learn from our mistakes. Every society and culture has its limits, and it’s important to respect them to make everyone feel comfortable and respected.

Salman asks all the housemates what went wrong in the house this week and who did something wrong. Then, one by one, everyone shares their mistakes. Elvish admits that in anger, he used inappropriate language towards someone, which he regrets. Even Bappi shares what he did wrong. Salman Khan then addresses the fight between Babika and Manisha and calls them both to resolve the issue. He scolds Babika for her actions and tries to make them understand their mistakes. He also holds a class for Manisha to guide her.

Salman Khan took Elvish’s class

After that, Salman Khan talks to Abhishek and Elvish. He asks Abhishek what he said to Elvish. Later, Salman asks Manisha what else went wrong in the house. Manisha shares, and Salman teases her playfully. Then, Salman shows a video clip of Manisha, Elvish, and Abhishek. In the clip, Elvish is seen using offensive language and swearing at Babika. All the family members are shocked. Salman questions Elvish about his behavior and asks if having fans, followers, trending, and going viral gives him the right to say anything.

Salman reminds him that when his father used to speak, he liked it, but now, Elvish is using cheap language and being influenced by numbers. Salman Khan advises them all to reflect on their actions and not get blinded by numbers and fame.

Salman Khan took Elvish's class

Salman Khan calls Elvish’s mother and Elvish starts crying

After that, Salman Khan discusses Elvish’s fan army. He emphasizes that the real army is the one serving the nation on the borders, and even his fan army should protect and support their fans. Salman points out that while Elvish was making derogatory remarks inside the house, Haryana was facing floods, and the real army was on duty, serving the people. Salman advises Elvish that when he made negative comments about a woman, he should have apologized.

To understand the perspective of a woman on the matter, Salman Khan calls Elvish’s mother on a video call. Elvish becomes emotional and starts crying. Salman consoles him and asks him to understand a woman’s point of view. Salman Khan also reveals that he did not show anything disrespectful to Elvish’s mother in the edited video.

Afterward, Salman Khan gives Elvish encouragement and advises him to focus on positivity and continue building his following.

About Bigg Boss OTT 2

Bigg Boss OTT 2, hosted by Salman Khan, premiered on June 17 on Jio Cinema and airs on weekdays at 9 pm with 24-hour live streaming. The grand finale of the reality show is likely to place on August 12th or 13th. The remaining contestants in the Bigg Boss house are Pooja Bhatt, Bebika Dhurve, Abhishek Malhan, Avinash Sachdev, Jiya Shankar, Manisha Rani, Jad Hadid, including wild card entrants Elvish Yadav and Aashika Bhatia.

Meanwhile, Puneet Superset, Palak Puruswani, Alia Siddiqui, Akanksha Puri and Falak Naaz have been evicted from the house. Bigg Boss OTT 2 has already created a lot of buzz due to the skyrocketing TRPs of the show and discussion of the top 3 finalists on Twitter, including the finale date being changed from the last week of July to 12th or 13th August.

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