Kangana Ranaut “Not A Cliche Heroine Who’ll Dance In A Couple Of Films and Get Slapped By The Man & Walk Away”, Says R Madhavan

R Madhavan in his latest interview praised his Tanu Weds Manu co-star Kangana Ranaut and thanked his fortune for working with powerful female leads in his films

Kangana Ranaut "Not A Cliche Heroine Who’ll Dance In A Couple Of Films and Get Slapped By The Man & Walk Away”, Says R Madhavan

R Madhavan, who has collaborated with Kangana Ranaut in two films – Tanu Weds Manu (2011) and Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015), spoke highly of the actress. The 3 Idiots star praised Kangana for not being a typical heroine and highlighted that the female leads in his movies have always been powerful women.

In a recent interview, R Madhavan expressed his gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with strong female leads in his films. The actor, who was last seen in the critically acclaimed movie Rocketry: The Nambi Effect, also mentioned that he considers himself fortunate to have worked with such talented women.

According to the publication DNA, R Madhavan in an interview with Rohan Dua shared, “If you look at all the leading ladies of all my films, they are very very strong. I had the good fortune of growing up with some really strong women in my house itself. My mother was the manager of a bank in Bihar for 30 years. So you see how strong women are. I think they are the stronger species.” The actor continued, “They last much longer. If you look at your grandparents, I can promise you that today your grandfather would be actually relying more on your grandmother than vice versa. That’s a universal truth that all men have to reconcile with.”

R Madhavan further shared, “Working with the likes of Kangana or Shalini or all the strong women that I had the good fortune to work with, they were all women with opinions. They are not pushovers. They are not the cliché heroines, who come in and dance in a couple of movies and get slapped by the man and walk away.”

Madhavan added, “These are not the kind of films I have ever done or want to do in my life. People who indulge in that kind of story are really foolish in today’s world. But to recognize the strength that they bring on to the screen because of their personal achievements as well as their experience and their ability to act is very important.”

R Madhavan shared, “I am giving Kangana the due credit for it, it is extremely smart and important for all of us. She is really an extraordinary actor who brings so much to the roles that she does. And look at what she is doing today across all genres of films, I am quite in awe.”

R Madhavan’s upcoming project is a film based on the Bhopal gas tragedy, titled The Railway Men. The movie also features Babil Khan, son of the late Irrfan Khan, in a prominent role.

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